Tyranny of Dragons

A Close Fall

Rise of Tiamat, Varram the White, Part 4

Having chased the fleeing lizardfolk through the secret door into the Yuan-ti caverns, the adventurers find another band of reptile people on a bridge over a chasm. Two snake-headed yuan-ti malisons with longbows stand behind the lizardfolk.

Jamna stealthily creeps forward and uses minor illusion to create disturbing roars from the chasm to rattle the scaly warriors.

Garrett shoots the fleeing lizardman in the back with his shortbow. Hurk then rushes forward and tries to bash the wounded lizardman into his fellows on the bridge. The lizardman doesn’t budge. Beryl incinerates it with sacred flame

Larion creeps forward and prepares his scimitar in case the lizardfolk advance.

Having gone out in front, Hurk becomes the target for a barrage of javelins and arrows from the lizardolk and yuan-ti. Jamna starts up another minor illusion of a creepy shadow rising out of the chasm to further scare the enemy.

Garrett fires an arrow, then moves forward stealthily. Hurk charges the enemies on the bridge and cuts through two lizardfolk with Hazirawn. Beryl moves up to heal him.

The yuan-ti order the lizardfolk to hurl the adventurers into the chasm. Two lizardfolk try to heave Hurk, but he shakes them off. Jamna moves up and takes one down, then hides behind Beryl.

Garrett wounds one of the yuan-ti. Hurk fails to take down the second lizardman and ends up driving his sword down into the bridge. A huge crack starts to spread across its surface.

The remaining lizardman freaks out and retreats, getting punched by Hurk as he goes. The reptile folk launch missiles, focusing on Garrett. Jamna retreats off the bridge and blasts one of the yuan-ti with ray of frost. Garrett backs away and kills the wounded serpentman with an arrow.

With great effort, Hurk gets his sword free of the stone. Beryl drags him back to safety as the cracks expand to cause much of the bridge to collapse. The surviving yuan-ti laughs across the chasm that they are at an impasse.

Hurk turns to Jamna and asks if she wants to try a fastball special. She determinedly agrees. He throws her across the broken bridge. Wielding her wrench, she takes down one of the lizardfolk and knocks another off the bridge.

Then it all goes wrong.

Moving lightning fast, the yuan-ti grabs the little gnome by the throat and dramatically drops her off the bridge. She plunges into the dark chasm with a shriek, followed by a sickening wet crunch.

Sneering at the horrified adventurers, the yuan-ti introduces himself as Ssessirex and invites Hurk to seek him out. He and the surviving lizardman then retreat down the stairs deeper into the serpentfolk’s lair.

The party immediately rushes to rescue Jamna, hoping against hope she was alive. Garrett quickly gets out his rope and with the rest of the party anchoring it, hastily descends into the chasm. He uses the dim glow of his magic bow Pokey to see. Garrett discovers that Jamna fortunately fell on the shallower side of the cavern, landing on the body of the lizardman she’d knocked off the side.

Garrett quickly applies a healer’s kit to the unconscious gnome, stabilizing her. He rigs a harness for her to be pulled up and climbs after her. Beryl casts cure wounds on Jamna and the gnome awakes gasping. She admits that the fastball special was a bit to cocky and notes that the yuan-ti had snake-like reflexes. She and Hurk ugly cry over each other.

The adventurers retreat up to the chamber above to rest and recuperate. Jamna awkwardly thanks Garrett, then returns to cuddle at Hurk’s side. The party still needs to find a way across the chasm and discover what has become of their target, Varram the White.


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