Tyranny of Dragons

An Egg-celent Adventure

Hoard of the Dragon Queen, Chapter Three, Part 3

While Garrett continues to recover in the arms of Brother Falconmoon, the rest of the party is treated to a celebratory breakfast at the Winking Sun Inn, courtesy of the grateful waitress Myrcella.

Once their bellies are full, the adventurers head up to Greenest Keep to interrogate the cultist prisoner they retrieved from the mines. Hurk persuades him to give the low-down on what is waiting for them in the caves: a band of kobolds allied with the cult, and dragon eggs left by the Rezmir the Black. The eggs are said to be close to hatching, which is why a group of cultists led by Lady Frulam Mondath stayed behind to watch over them.

The party then makes the trek back to the caves, where their first order of business is looting the treasure stashed in the chapel to Tiamat where they had confronted Mondath and Cyanwrath the day before.

They then investigate the chamber beyond the chapel, which opens onto a narrow ledge overlooking a deep pit shrouded in darkness. The adventurers are ambushed by a group of kobolds, who use glue bombs to pin Raeyanne in one place.

Hurk charges in among the kobolds while Beryl keeps her distance and alternates between assisting Raeyanne and hurling magic at the little monsters. Raeyanne manages to bring down one of the kobolds with a thrown dagger, but only gets further stuck in the glue.

The commotion attracts a probing tendril rising out of the gloom below, which eventually coils around Raeyanne and tugs her down into the pit. Once down there, she is attacked by guard drakes.

Up top, Hurk and the kobolds trade blows, but the half-orc is slowly being worn down. After one particularly ill-timed swing, his sword becomes lodged in the cavern wall.

Raeyanne is battered to death’s door by the two guard drakes, but Beryl heals her with the power of Bahamut, who she calls upon repeatedly to keep them upright. Raeaynne manages to kill one of the guard drakes and intimidates its companion.

Hurk pulls his sword free from the wall and cuts down one of the two remaining kobolds. Rather than pursue the last fleeing kobold, he instead vaults over the kobold to land beside Raeyanne in the ravine below.

The party then defeats the remaining guard drake, while a voice from the shadows cheers them on.

The voice belongs to a strange, one-eyed creature that looks like a stalagmite with tentacles. They dub him Tentacles McGillicuddy. With the battle done, the creature asks them their business. They explain they came here hunting cultists and kobolds. It tells them that it lives down here and has an arrangement with the kobolds, who throw it meat. But it is full right now, so its not eager to eat them.

Searching the pit, they find two dragon eggs. While Raeyanne is gung-ho to destroy them, Beryl talks her out of it, with Hurk’s support. Tentacles McGillicuddy helps them find the third dragon egg. There are three in total: a blue, a red, and a black egg.

To transport the clutch, they venture out into the remains of the raider camp and procure two wheelbarrows.

The adventurers inspect the remainder of the caverns, finding former kobold residences that have been abruptly and recently abandoned. They find the guard drake training area, as well as a meat locker (where Beryl poisons herself on the trapped entrance).

They tell Tentacles McGillicuddy about the meat, and he gives them some coins in exchange.

After loading up their eggs and other loot, the adventuring trio begin the trek back to Greenest.


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