Tyranny of Dragons

Bar-Hopping with Bahamut

Hoard of the Dragon Queen, Chapter 4, Part 1

The Conquering Heroes Return

Hurk, Beryl, and Raeyanne return to Greenest with their load of dragon eggs. Garrett, risen late and still recovering, gawks at their strange haul. The townsfolk, meanwhile, are elated that the last dangers to Greenest have been eradicated.

The adventurers meet with Governor Nighthill and warn him about Tentacles McGillicuddy. He thanks them for what they’ve done on behalf of the town these past few days, but he thinks that their work against the Cult of the Dragon is far from over. He says that their friend Leosin has left them horses to follow him to the city of Elturel. The half-elf has some plan to track the cult’s wagons of stolen treasure to their source.

If they do go after the treasure, Nighthill asks the party to retrieve a locket for him, a keepsake that reminds him of his wife. He is willing to pay 1,000gp for its return, but asks that they not open it.

He tells them that in his youth, he and his wife were part of a group of adventurers who fought a white dragon in the Cloud Peaks south of the Green Fields. As a result, he knows a bit about dragon eggs. He assures the party that the eggs will lie dormant for years and won’t hatch except under certain conditions. The party takes him up on his offer of keeping the eggs under guard in Greenest until they can determine what to do with them.

After the meeting, Hurk goes to the town blacksmith—a big, aged Illuskan man—to see about refitting Cyanwrath’s splint mail. They discover that the mail is magical, though they can’t quite discern all the magical properties. Hurk sells the man Cyanwrath’s weapons and the smith promises to keep the half-dragon’s greatsword as a memento.

The barmaid Myrcella organizes a big farewell party. Beryl has two beers and gets terribly drunk. She proves to be very clingy, grabbing onto Linan Swift and telling her all about how Bahamut loves her. The other adventurers take part in the revelries and have a slow start the following morning—except Beryl, who wakes fine and hangover-free.

Garrett pays his farewells to Brother Falconmoon and the half-elf priest informs him that he can help pass messages along through contacts in the underworld, should the need arise.

The trip north is uneventful, although Garrett is still having trouble getting used to traveling in event modest comfort thanks to their new-found wealth. They arrive at their destination following six pleasant days on the road.

Fun and Games

Elturel is an orderly city, which they arrive at towards the end of the day. They stay at the Shepherd and Flagon, where they hear rumors of bandits and dragons loose in the countryside, and Raeyanne engages the innkeeper in a lively conversation about the turnip and cabbage markets. Beryl conspicuously avoids drinking.

The next day, the rogues head off to seek out information on their contacts, while Hurk and Beryl take the news of the cult attack to the guards.

Garrett spots a shady warehouse he recognizes as a front, and Raeyanne goes up to ask an elven man with a wide-brimmed hat about Leosin and Ontharr Frume. The elf doesn’t know the former and becomes standoffish at mention of the latter, but directs them to A Pair of Black Antlers.

Meanwhile, at the guard station, Hurk and Beryl meet with Captain Khalia of the Hellriders. She takes in their news of the attack on Greenest and promises to send a relief column to the city, as well as to notify the Lords’ Alliance. She asks them to let her know if they find any further information and thanks them for the report. They ask about Leosin and Ontharr, and she directs them to A Pair of Black Antlers.

At the tavern, they meet Leosin and the boisterous Ontharr Frume, who is eager to hear about their exploits. Beryl and Hurk delight him with tales, and Raeyanne also gets in on the act, but Garrett has trouble describing his ballista shot against the dragon Lennithon.

Leosin takes him aside and suggests he try a display of stealth and deftness. The half-elf expresses that it would be a good idea to impress the paladin.

Garrett announces that he will steal something from the paladin without his noticing. Ontharr accepts the challenge and the rogue promptly swipes his holy symbol.

Tracing the Stolen Treasure

After a day of talking and partying, Leosin and Ontharr take the party into a back room to discuss business. They explain that they each represent different organizations, the Harpers and the Order of the Gauntlet respectively, which have partnered with a third group, the Emerald Enclave, to do something about the Cult’s growing presence in the region. They offer the party membership in their groups, but there are no takers, save for Raeyanne who is already aligned with the Harpers.

Moving on, the duo explains that the cult’s wagon train of stolen loot will arrive in Baldur’s Gate in a little over a tenday. The cultists driving the wagons have disguised themselves as travelling merchants and are moving with a larger caravan. T

Leosin and Ontharr want the adventurers to arrive in Baldur’s Gate ahead of the cultists and then hire on to their caravan posing as guards or merchants, then follow them north to wherever the treasure is being taken.

After some consideration, the adventurers agree to this offer.


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