Tyranny of Dragons

Crashing the Slumber Party

Hoard of the Dragon Queen, Chapter Three, Part 1

After a night spent in the countryside, Beryl, Garrett, Raeyanne, and a wounded Leosin return to Greenest.

Leosin asks them to return to the camp and observe it for any major activity in the wake of his escape. The half-elf is going to spend a few days recovering and then head to Elturel to meet with a paladin named Ontharr Frume. If he’s not in Greenest when they are back, he asks them to look for them there. Garrett clumsily asks if the two of them are square. Leosin says that with this last favor they will be, but if what he suspects about the Cult’s plans is true, the danger could be one that no one could escape.

Governor Nighthill pays the adventurers for acquiring information from the camp. He, too, asks the party to return to the camp and find out what exactly is in that cave. If the party’s suspicion of baby dragons is true, he wants to know how full grown they are. He is worried that even if the Cult moves on, it could leave some nasty surprises behind that could threaten Greenest.

With Hurk recovered, the four of them set out for the camp. As they approach, they see fewer campfires than last time. They decide to enter the camp more stealthily than before, which proves to be more difficult than they expected. But their crashing through the bushes does not have any ill-effect, as they realize the camp is largely abandoned. They spy one or two people hanging out in the center of the camp. Coming closer, they find two scraggly looking men in woodsmen’s clothes skinning game in the center of the camp, with no sign of anyone else. Hurk decides to stroll on up to the hunters and ask where the cultists went. The men’s responses are largely monosyllabic, but they do point Hurk towards the caves when he asks about talking to someone in charge.

The party decides to just continue as they have been and stroll into the caverns. Inside, they spy a figure trying to slink away and manage to catch two cultists attempting to set up an ambush. The adventurers quickly dispatch one of them while the second flees through a cleverly hidden passage in the cave wall. The party gives chase and stumbles upon what seems to be the cultist barracks. A brutal melee ensues between the adventurers and the cultists, most of whom were asleep. Garrett leaps into the room to try to eliminate cult members before they can arm themselves, but is quickly surrounded and has to fight his way back to the doorway where Hurk battles multiple cultists at once. Beryl hangs back to call down Bahamut’s holy fire on their enemies, while Raeyanne takes a detour into an empty storage room to kill a drunken cultist in his sleep before joining the main fray.

With their superior skill at arms and the blessing of the platinum dragon god, the adventurers drive the cultists from the room. The survivors retreat into a richly furnished adjoining chamber, where they toss oil lamps at the party as the heroes follow. While several cultists attempt to delay the party at the entrance, the others attempt to gather up documents in the room with the intention of hurling them into the flames. The adventurers—and a bit of bad luck—stop the cultists from destroying the evidence, and they manage to capture one of the hapless cult members alive.

The party then searches the room and the attached bedchamber, discovering a set of purple Cult of the Dragon robes cut for a woman. Beryl accidentally triggers some kind of pit trap hidden under the many rugs that cover the floor, but avoids falling down the slanted chute. The rogues tie up and gag their prisoner while they consider their next move.


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