Tyranny of Dragons

Death Comes to Frogtown

Hoard of the Dragon Queen, Chapter 6, Part 4

Having infiltrated Castle Naerytar, the adventurers have arranged for an uprising by the lizardfolk resistance. They sent the three rogues Garrett, Raeyanne, and Jamna to sabotage the alarm drum in the upper floor of the barbican while Beryl and Hurk wait below with the lizardfolk. Garrett successfully destroyed the drum, but drew the attention of the bullywug guards.


As the bullywugs start to converge on Garrett, Raeyane and Jamna are perched on the crumbling wall overlooking the barbican’s second floor. Raeyanne throws one of her daggers and kills a frogman. She then ducks back into the shadows as the startled bullywugs look around for the attacker.

Jamna casts a minor illusion to create the impression of a gruff voice on the other side of the room saying that the bullywugs are surrounded. The frog people are literally too stupid to fall for this and remain focused on the one foe they can see—Garrett.

Two of the creatures charge up to him, while the rest throw spears. The rogue is badly wounded by the onslaught, but he manages to retreat from the attackers and clamber back up the wall to take cover.

The bullywugs move up to investigate, and Jamna quietly hisses at Garrett for drawing them towards the other rogues. Garrett sarcastically apologizes for getting swarmed. Raeyanne and Jamna continue pick off the frogmen with ranged attacks, always fading back into the shadows afterward.

Thrown off balance by his wounds, Garrett has trouble avoiding detection and is the target of more throwing spears. Jamna urges him to take cover dangling off the side of the wall and allow the bullywugs to approach, as she’s “got this.”

As the creatures approach the wall near Garrett’s position, she blinds several of them with color spray. Meanwhile, Raeyanne continues to shank bullywugs as they climb up near her section of the wall, disappearing back into the darkness each time. The bullywugs begin to think they are being killed by “the ghost of the castle.”

Jamna tries to use color spray on another pair of bullywugs, but they shake off the bedazzlement. The gnome wishes Garrett the best of luck and then tries to hide, but a loose stone in the wall throws her off balance and leaves her wide open. The two bullywugs move to go after her.

With the center of the battle moving elsewhere, Garrett jumps down into the barbican in order to attack the two blinded bullywugs within. He brings one of them down.

Raeyanne is spotted and attacked by a bullywug who “ain’t afraid of no ghosts.” She kills him and then becomes the night, moving forward to help Jamna. The gnome scrambles away from the frogmen, shaking too hard to meld into the shadows. She blasts one of them with a ray of frost.

The remaining bullywug on the barbican floor recovers from the color spray blindness and hits Garrett with a thrown spear. The rogue crumples to the ground, bleeding out.

Raeyanne kills the last bullywug on the wall with extreme prejudice. The lone survivor races down the barbican stairs, shouting that attackers have taken the tower.


Hearing the fighting break out above, Beryl, Hurk, Larion, and the lizardfolk in the castle rush the barbican’s ground floor. Beryl gets things going with a silver gout of sacred flame. Hurk slashes the smoldering bullywug with his longsword, and Larion finishes him off with a cut from his scimitar.

The bullywugs unleash their giant frogs, which swarm Hurk and Larion. They then pepper the half-orc and the lizardmen with throwing spears. Beryl heals Hurk, who frees himself from one of the frogs and hacks at the other.

Snapjaw leads the lizardmen on the attack. The front ranks smash into the giant frogs, battering them into submission with heavy clubs and spiked shields, while the back ranks launch an organized volley of javelins. There is a terrifying roar from the exterior entrance to barbican as the lizardmen from the camp outside rush in.

The bullywugs realize they are caught between two pincers. A lone bullywug races down the staircase from floor above screeching that the tower is taken.

Beryl bellows at the bullywugs to surrender. They immediately drop their weapons and raise their hands.

The gold dwarf heads upstairs, where Raeyanne has stabilized Garrett. Beryl heals him and gives him a potion. The adventurers regroup and prepare to press the attack.


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