Tyranny of Dragons

It's a Trap!

Rise of Tiamat, Varram the White, Part 2

Still searching for the wyrmspeaker Varram the White, the party enters the Tomb of Diderius. They had been warned by the statues outside that while the dead wizard Diderius can grant wisdom, they must show him due respect. The hall leading into the tomb is lined with cowled statues. As they approach, they hear a warning in their heads not to peer into the cowls.

Walking through the hall, the statues turn their heads to watch them pass. Garrett realizes that the cowled statues are a magical trap, and Beryl decides to take care of that nonsense by casting dispel magic.

The hallway opens onto a large chamber with an elaborate mosaic of a knight battling a chimera beneath a blazing sun. The adventurers are alarmed when the mosaic chimera comes to life and rises out of the floor to breathe very real fire on them. Then it attacks Garrett.

The adventurers pile on in response and the tiled creature retreats to a ledge in the high vaulted chamber. Beryl blasts it apart with a well struck sacred flame.

With the immediate threat removed, the party has several doors to investigate, one of which has the words “SAFE” scrawled on it in chalk. Inside is a well overgrown with mushrooms. Jamna eats one, while Garrett pockets a few. They realize that trolls sometimes come up through the well. They also notice a strange nearby sluice. They haul up water from the well and pour it into the sluice, but it goes into the next room.

Moving on to a pair of double doors, Garrett avoids crushed as the ceiling of the hall to the next room collapses. With that way blocked, the party heads down a side passage. As they do, there is a soft “click.”

A boulder made of bones pops out of the floor from where the mosaic sun was located. It rattles down the sloped floor towards them. Jamna and Larion dodge out of the way but the others are not so lucky. Skeletal hands grasp them as the boulder strikes and pull them inside the sphere, where they rattle around painfully as it tumbles faster and faster before colliding against a wall.

Hurk administers potions to the bleeding dwarf and human while the worried gnome and half-elf run down to check on them. The adventurers heal and rest up for a bit before proceeding.

The next room they enter looks like a library without books. They encounter the ghost Ilda, who tells hem about the dangers of the divination pool, which demands a cruel price from any who seek to use it. She also warns them of the presence of the yuan-ti., who have infiltrated the tomb. Ilda urges them to return any missing books they find.

The party considers whether they could use the pool to find Varram, while Hurk ponders if he could offer Hazirawn to it.


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