Tyranny of Dragons

Round Two: Fight!

Hoard of the Dragon Queen, Chapter Three, Part 2

Having cut their way through a barracks of cultists and broken into the private chambers of a cult leader, the party decides on their next move. Rather than circle back to the main cavern, they decide to investigate the chute that Beryl discovered hidden under the rugs that cover the chamber floor.

They leave their captive cultist bound and gagged and then proceed down the chute, which contains a hidden ladder. Hurk takes the lead, followed by Beryl, Raeyanne, and Garrett.

Emerging in the shadows of a chamber liked with murals of dragons (most of them black), Hurk realizes that they are not alone. Waiting in the chamber with readied weapons are his old nemesis Cyanwrath and two mad-eyed berserkers armed with greataxes. The half-dragon spies the adventurers, even through the darkness.

“You survived!” he tells Hurk. “I don’t know whether to be disappointed or pleased. It’s a mix of both I think. What say we try for round two—this time, to the death!”

Hurk shares a knowing look with Beryl and the others, then stride’s forward. The half-dragon belches out a bolt of lightning at him, but the half-orc has already twisted out of the way of the worst of it. He swings at Cyanwrath, his sword cutting into the half-dragon’s armor.

“Well struck,” Cyanwrath grins with a mouth full of fangs. “I’m glad to see our last skirmish hasn’t slowed your reflexes.”

The two berserkers saunter over to watch the combat, their greataxes in hand.

Raeyanne quietly emerges from the chute and sticks to the shadows, working her way up close to Cyanwrath. Garrett does the same and goes further, ducking behind a polished pillar.

Beryl strides forward to stand side by side with Cyanwrath and swings her warhammer at him. The blow glances off his armor and he snarls. “You and your friends have no honor, half-orc!”

“Where’s the honor in attacking a defenseless town with an army of mercenaries?” Hurk spits back. “You can shove your honor up your big blue ass!”

This clearly strikes a nerve. “I’ll show you where to shove it!” Cyanwrath says and attacks with his spear. Hurk deflects it, then cuts off the spearhead. The cultist champion throws down the spearshaft in disgust and draws his greatsword.

Drawing upon his inner reserve of strength, Hurk presses the attack with his own sword and cuts a jagged gash across the half-dragon’s arm. Raeyanne also emerges from the shadows to stab at Cyanwrath. Facing three foes, he calls over his shoulder to the berserkers. “Jump in any time, lads, this isn’t a spectator sport!”

The two bruisers lumber over to attack Raeyanne, their greataxes gleaming. As they do so, Garrett realizes that someone else is standing in the shadows directly beside him as he hears a woman’s voice begin to utter an incantation. The other cultist leader, Mondath, has been lurking in the darkness and now reveals herself to cast a spell at Hurk. The half-orc feels his muscles tightening as if they were freezing up, but wills away the magic. Mondath curses in frustration.

Garrett uses this opportunity to attack her, catching Mondath unawares. Raeyanne, meanwhile, stabs one of the berserkers.

“You’ll pay for this!” he snarls, and hacks at her with his axe.

Beryl calls upon Bahamut’s grace to heal Hurk and Raeyanne, but even this divine favor can do little more than staunch the bleeding.

Mondath attacks Garrett with her halberd—he dodges one attack and then when her second wedges the blade against the pillar, he kicks out to break the shaft, leaving Mondath weaponless.

Hurk tears into Cyanwrath.

“You’ll not survive this, not while there’s breath in my body!” Cyanwrath says, then huffs out another bolt of lightning. The electricity catches Hurk full on, crackling over his body and sending him writhing to the floor.

Badly wounded, Raeyanne retreats behind Beryl, shanking Cyanwrath on her way.

Garrett savagely wounds Mondath, who flees despite his parting stab. She limps over to the chest in front of the Tiamat shrine and kicks it, causing the dragon head motifs throughout the room to spew out globs of acid. the adventurers successfully dodge it, while the villains are struck. Mondath flees shrieking from the room, clutching at her face.

Raeyanne realizes she needs to cover her mouth and not inhale any of acid-tinged air, while Beryl and Garrett get a whiff first before protecting themselves. The villains are likewise quick to protect themselves, though the blond brute falls into a coughing fit after inhaling too much.

One of the berserkers turns his attention to Garrett, felling the rogue with one savage blow. The other attacks Beryl, but her shield wards off his ax. Beryl then channels the life preserving powers of Bahamut to restore the health of her three companions, drawing Hurk and Garrett back from the brink of death.

“We shall have continue this fight in a more suitable battlefield,” Cyanwrath says, as he retreats in an orderly fashion towards the chamber’s southeast exit, bleeding from a dozen wounds.

Raeyanne pulls out a dagger and throws it, catching him right between the eyes. The half dragon topples over stone dead.

“Ha!” she calls out. “Rogues don’t have to pay for anything! That’s ‘cause we’re rogues!”

The two berserkers then also attempt to retreat in the same fashion. Garrett and Raeyanne both throw daggers after them, but to no avail.

They hastily scavenge Cyanwrath’s gear and saw off his head, before retreating back to Mondath’s room. Exhausted from the nonstop slaughter, they decide to return to Greenest to rest up. They collect their captive cultist and stroll through the carnage in the cultist barracks. Hours later, they stagger back into town to a cheering welcome. The people of Greenest are glad to see they’ve survived another foray into the camp, and even more heartened to see one of the villains of the raid has been slain.

Leosin sorts through the documents they retrieved, finding a map and a note that give some indication as to where the treasure is being taken. Governor Nighthill and Leosin both want them to finish exploring the caves and be sure there aren’t any more nasty surprises.

Garrett seeks out Brother Falconmoon, who takes him back to the Temple of Chauntea to wash up and spend the night, while the others stay in the soft beds of the Winking Sun Inn.


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