Tyranny of Dragons

Show and Tell

Hoard of the Dragon Queen, Chapter 5, Part 1

The party arrives in Waterdeep. Beryl goes to the temple of Bahamut, where she notices something interesting about the statue of the god.

Garrett tracks the cult down to the Wandering Serpent, but notices some old enemies from the Gallowed lurking on the rooftop nearby.

Raeyanne stops by the Rat’s Nest, reports to Leosin and Remallia They question her about her mission, her companions, and Jamna. Cylanestriel drops by to deliver a dragon head. She is investigating matters in the south. Leosin asks to meet with the group at the Yawning Portal.

Hurk goes looking for some schwarma and has trouble getting help from the guards, but manages to track it down. There he runs into Jamna and the two of them chat on their way back. Jamna asks about Hurk’s background, the cities he’s been to. She says she has been from Neverwinter to Amn, dealing in information for merchant interests.

The party decides to bring Jamna with them to the Yawning Portal meeting. Leosin is waiting with two companions, a ranger named Delaan and a silver-haired woman named Elia. Beryl experiences a strange sense of familiarity when she meets Elia, something the woman seems to share, though the two have never met.

The adventurers learn that Rezmir has gone north ahead of the wagons and that she is one of the five Wyrmspeakers, said to carry a powerful artifact. Jamna says her contacts have let her know that two more of the Wyrmspeakers are Galvan the blue and Severin the Red.

Leosin wants them to track the cult further north. So long as the cultists have to pose as normal members of a caravan, they won’t be able to directly attack the heroes. The loot is likely to find its way to Rezmir. If the adventurers encounter her, Leosin asks that they kill her and take whatever artifact it is that she carries.

The party agrees to regroup at the Yawning Portal. Hurk decides to stay there and hangs out in the common room with Jamna. Raeyanne goes back to the Rat’s Nest to visit the rodents, while Beryl stays at the Temple of Bahamut. Garrett gets a room at the Yawning Portal, but goes back to check on the cultists.

The wagons are still there, but so are three members of the Gallowed, who spot the rogue. Unable to elude pursuit, Garrett gets the attention of a guard patrol, forcing the Gallowed to back off while he easily escapes the guards.

Garrett circles back to the Wandering Serpent and manages to spy on the cultists. The wagon leader, Zora, and Azbara Jos are chatting. They plan to rest the horses for another day, then head north to the Carnath Roadhouse posing as a supply train. Azbara claims that his Red Wizard superior is impatient with the tardiness in assembling the hoard, as it delays the rest of their plans.

Unable to spy the half-elf, Garrett returns to the Yawning Portal and reports his discovery to Hurk. Still feeling restless, the rogue then returns to spy on the Wandering Serpent, but is ambushed by a band of Gallowed.


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