Tyranny of Dragons

The Carnath Massacre

Hoard of the Dragon Queen, Chapter 5, Part 4

Faced with a trio of Lizardmen in the strong room of the Carnath Roadhouse, Hurk steps forward into the room and demands to know what they they are doing here. He tries to look intimidating, but it’s hard to do when you’re a big half-orc who still has to look up at the lizardmen.

After stating his challenge, he readies for the inevitable while Beryl moves up beside him. Raeyanne had already slipped inside the pitch black chamber, unseen but also unable to see.

Out on the roof, Jamna’s keen gnomish ears perk up at the sound of the half-orc’s voice. Garrett asks if Hurk is being smart.

“Hurk is being Hurk,” she tells him.

“Well, at least he’s consistent,” Garrett says.

“The word for my man is ‘reliable,’” Jamna says. “Solid.

“Thanks for sharing that, Jamna,” Garrett replies. “Even though it was more than I needed to know.”

The rogues debate whether to head downstairs and join in.

Below, one of the lizardmen charges Hurk, provoking an attack from the half-orc. Beside him, Beryl unleashes her prepared spell, a sacred flame which briefly illuminates the pitch black room. The flash of light allows Raeyanne, otherwise blind in the dark, to draw a bead on the lizardman and hit him with her shortsword.

With their friend badly wounded, the other two lizardmen drop the crate they were carrying and join the fray. The reptiles wielding heavy clubs and spiked shields made from giant turtleshells. They try to attack both the fighter and the cleric, but Hurk forces them to stay focused on him.

The sound of all this ruckus settles things for the rogues upstairs and they dash down to the ground floor. Garrett’s longer strides quickly outpace the gnome.

“Need me to carry you, shorty?” he calls out. Jamna stares daggers at him.

Fighting continues in the strong room, where Raeyanne kills the wounded Lizardman but another one clambers out of the trap door to join the fight. Hurk continues to draw their ire, while Beryl unleashes more sacred flames, the bursts of light giving Raeyanne glimpses of the fight in the dark. Hurk lands two devastating blows on one of the creatures, and Raeyanne pulls out her hand crossbow to give it a bolt to the brain.

Garrett finally charges into the warehouse and stops at the entrance to the strong room, realizing that he, too, can’t see in the pitch darkness. He hears the fighting, however, and can smell Hurk just ahead of him inside the room. With his shortbow knocked and ready, Garrett stares into the darkness uncertainly.

Jamna arrives a moment later.

“Boy, it’s a good thing you got here ahead of me,” she says.

“Get stuffed,” he hisses back at her.

“Did enough of that already today,” she says. The gnome squeezes in beside him to take stock of the situation with her darkvision. “Let’s light things up a little.”

A glowing ray of blue-white light bursts from her hand, lancing past Hurk’s left armpit and just missing the lizardman in front of him. The beam strikes one of the crates in the room and freezes a section of it solid.

The light from the ray lets Garrett take aim and he lets fly an arrow that whizzes past Hurk’s right ear to smack solidly into a lizardman’s chest.

Hurk is startled by all the missiles flying from behind him and is thrown off his game as he fights the Lizardmen. Beryl continues to call down the fire of Bahamut, while Raeyanne takes aim again with her hand crossbow.

Garrett moves over to give Jamna some more space and the gnome crouches down behind Hurk to fire another blue-white ray between his legs. The frigid spell leaves hoarfrost clinging to his pants, while the targeted lizardman is left sluggish from the cold. With the flash of blue-white light, Garrett fires off another arrow

Hurk savagely cuts down one of the lizardmen while Jamna cheers him on, leaving only one remaining. Beryl calls down a pillar of silver fire that scorches the creature nearly to a crisp, and Raeyanne finishes it off with a crossbow bolt.

The commotion in the strong room roused the rest of the roadhouse. Raeyanne insists that the party drag the lizardmen out into the main warehouse floor as proof of what they fought. Beryl, meanwhile, inspects the trap door, which leads down into a well-built tunnel that stretches off to the east.

The camp superintendent Bog Luck (a half-orc the party suspects of working with the Cult), arrives in the storeroom along with the guard captain Ardred Briferhew. Most of the camp arrives with them, including laborers, guards, and undercover cultists.

Raeyanne explains that they defeated a band of lizardmen steeling gold from the strong room through a trap door. Ardred demands to see the trap door and immediately questions Bog Luck about it. The half-orc unconvincingly denies knowledge of it. He promises to take an inventory to see what is missing, and suggests that the guards scout the area for more lizardfolk.

The adventurers notice that Bog Luck is trying to position himself in front of the dropped crate, which has split open to spill stolen gold coins on the floor. He is clearly trying to dissuade any questions about the gold, and they suspect that he intends to cover up the loot when he takes his “inventory.”

The party takes a quick huddle in the corner to discuss their next move. Beryl and Raeyanne argue that their mission is to determine where the loot is going, so they should hold off on confronting Bog Luck until they have explored the tunnel. Besides, Captain Ardred seems to viewing Bog Luck’s fumbling explanations with skeptical eye.

Garrett has been distracted this whole time by concern over the half-elf Larion Keenblade up in their room, fearing that something might have happened during the chaos. But there isn’t time to go check on him. Raeyanne suggests that Jamna hang back to keep an eye on him and the cultists. This the gnome is happy to do.

Raeyanne then tells Ardred that they have volunteered to explore the tunnel and hunt down any remaining lizardfolk. Still amped by her killing spree earlier, she admits that she is eager to kill more of the reptiles. Ardred wishes them luck, while he calls in guards to secure the strong room, to Bog Luck’s consternation.

Entering the tunnel, Beryl sheepishly casts light on her shield so that the humans can see. The tunnel is well-made, and the gold dwarf can tell it has been in place for months. It extends roughly 50 yards, emerging at an area screened from the Carnath Roadhouse by trees and bushes. As they approach the exit, they overhear bestial voices conversing in Draconic. Navigating by star light, Raeyanne and Garrett creep forward.

The speakers are six lizard folk, who are lazing around the entrance to the tunnel, where they have rigged up some porter poles to haul the crates. They are grousing about being assigned this duty and are starting to wonder what is taking the other group so long to return with the next crate. There are six in all: five around the tunnel exit and one lookout in the trees watching the roadhouse.

Raeyanne and Garrett sneak past them and take up position a short distance away, their bows at the ready. Garrett puts an arrow through the lookout, while Raeyanne shoots the nearest lizardman. At that signal, Hurk comes roaring out of the tunnel and dives into the cluster of five lizardmen. Beryl is only a step behind, once again calling on the power of her god.

In the ensuing battle, Garrett brings down the lookout in the trees, while Hurk eviscerates one of the other lizardmen. This cause the four survivors to scatter and attempt to flee. Raeyanne insists that they take one prisoner, so Garrett catches and hamstrings a wounded lizardman. Beryl chases after another, blasting it with holy fire, while Raeyanne kills a third. Hurk drops his sword and unslings the Bow of the Golden Stag, which he uses to bring down one of the other lizardmen. Beryl chases hers down and puts a hammer through its skull.

The party then converges on the prisoner, which Garrett and Raeyanne are already tying up.


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