Langdedrosa Cyanwrath

A burly, blue-scaled half-dragon of proud bearing


A massive blue half-dragon dressed in armor and purple vestments, he held the barmaid Myrcella and her three children hostage during the Battle of Greenest, offering to release them if the town’s strongest warrior came out to face him.

Hurk answered the challenge and Cyanwrath seemed mildly impressed with the half-orc, though that did not stop him from putting a spear through hurk’s belly. Cyanwrath did keep his word, however, and released the four civilians before abandoning the town entirely.

The party encountered Cyanwrath for a second time when they infiltrated the raiders camp. They successfully duped the half-dragon into thinking they were mercenaries with the Blue Boars.

The party’s [[Round Two: Fight! | third and final meeting]] with Cyanwrath was in the caverns behind the now-abandoned camp, where they battled him in the shrine to Tiamat. He tried to arrange a second round of one on one combat with Hurk, but the party was having none of it.

Finally forced to retreat after a bloody battle, Cyanwrath was finished off with a dagger to the brain, expertly thrown by Raeyanne. The adventurers then sawed off his head and returned it to Myrcella, as they had promised.

Langdedrosa Cyanwrath

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