Jamna Gleamsilver

A clever gnome


A gnome working for a mysterious merchants’ organization who has infiltrated the caravan to track the Cult of the Dragon’s wagons. She has struck up an alliance with the party and is continuing to support their investigation.

Hurk has been flirting with her clumsily, and she has responded enthusiastically. The two had an entertaining evening together at the Yawning Portal in Waterdeep and grew closer on the trip up to Carnath Roadhouse, where they finally spent a day in bed together.

Jamna appears to have at least some skill with magic, as seen in the fight with the lizardmen at Carnath Roadhouse.

Although revealed by Larion to be a member of the unscrupulous Zhentarim, the party continues to find her a valuable ally and she remains involved with Hurk.

She unsuccessfully tried to recruit Garrett into the Zhentarim, but believes the organization is a bad fit for Hurk.

Jamna was nearly killed fighting the yuan-ti in the Tomb of Diderius and feels she owes the party a great debt. She reveals that she sometimes has secret objectives assigned by her Zhent superiors, such as ensuring that Varram the White not reach Waterdeep alive.

Jamna Gleamsilver

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