Larion Keenblade

Ex-cultist; Garrett's cuddle-buddy


A handsome young half-elf, he fell in with the Cult of the Dragon, but quickly realized he wanted out. Garrett took a liking to the kid and helped extricate him from the Cult during the party’s stay at Carnath Roadhouse. The two have struck up a somewhat awkward relationship as Larion has continued to travel with the party.

Larion was orphaned in a shipwreck as a young boy and grew up on the streets of Baldur’s Gate. The only memento of his family is a butterfly knife with a whalebone handle carved in the shape of a dragon.

Larion learned that his family survived the shipwreck when he came face to face with his long lost sister Talis, who revealed that their family has a long history as agents of the old Cult of the Dragon. Larion has a lot of complicated feelings over this revelation, but for now he is sticking with Garrett and the rest of the adventurers.

Larion Keenblade

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