Loranda Soulaxe

Richly dressed caravan mistress from Baldur's Gate


Loranda Soulaxe is a middle-aged dwarf woman from Baldur’s Gate who oversees a regular caravan along the Uldoon Trail. She is always dressed in fine fabrics from Calimshan and other southern lands, while dwarven jewelry adorns her head and neck. She often spends her journeys drawing elegant sketch portraits of the other travelers and gets irritable when interrupted.

Loranda’s latest caravan was on its way into the town of Greenest and she seemed especially eager to get there.

At the sight of the town in flames, she got her wagons under cover and then directed the party to seek out the castellan of Greenest Keep, Escobert the Red. She may have a thing for him.

Loranda Soulaxe

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