Governor Tarbaw Nighthill

The Governor of Greenest


A human male of 60 years, Tarbaw Nighthill governs the town of Greenest at the behest of its inhabitants. A former adventurer, he settled down to serve as protector of the town.

The party encountered Governor Nighthill in the keep during the Battle of Greenest. He had suffered wounds during the attack. The governor asked them to rescue civilians trapped in the Temple of Chauntea.

Governor Nighthill later hired the party to pursue the raiders, infiltrate their camp, and find what information they could about the attackers’ purpose and their next target.

The governor has since agreed to watch over the three dragon eggs the party recovered from the caves behind the raiders’ camp. His knowledge of dragons from his adventuring days tells him the eggs won’t hatch unless kept in a warm and humid environment.

Nighthill also asked the party to search for a silver locket among the cult’s stolen treasure. It has a crescent moon and swallow sigil on it, a keepsake that reminds him of his wife. He is willing to pay 1,000gp for its return, but asks that they not look inside it.

Governor Tarbaw Nighthill

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