Talis the White

A leader in the Cult of the Dragon; Larion's sister


A high ranked Wearer of Purple in the Cult of the Dragon, she is a leader of the Cult’s operation at the hunting lodge east of the Graypeak Mountains. She is also Larion’s long-lost sister.

Talis’ family has deep roots in the Cult from back in the days when it was devoted to creating dracoliches, a mission that she still considers to be the group’s true purpose. Unhappy with the Cult’s new direction under the Red Wyrmspeaker Severin the Red, Talis has surreptitiously offered assistance to the adventurers in their assault upon Skyreach Castle.

After failing to convince her brother Larion to stay with her, Talis told his lover Garrett that she would hold the rogue responsible for her brother’s safety. She also promised to continue assisting the party if they survived the castle battle and gave Garrett a silver raven token with which she could be contacted.

Talis appears to be obsessed with white dragons, and among her many complaints again Severin is the fact that he gave the White Wyrmspeaker Mask to the dwarf Varram rather than her.

Talis the White

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