Tyranny of Dragons

Clearing the Air
The Sea of Moving Ice, Part 1

Still perched up in the tree he was sniping from, Garrett is ambushed by an invisible stalker. The creature whispers “The Xanathar sends its regards” into the rogue’s ear as it attacks. Both Beryl and Larion notice Garrett flailing about trying to get free of the creature but mistakenly think he’s trying to swat a fly.

Then the invisible being of air grabs him by the throat and lifts him up, making it clear something is very wrong. Garrett stabs it ineffectually with a dagger.

Larion scrambles up the tree to try to slash the unseen entity with his scimitar, but never hits. Beryl rushes over and tries to restore Garrett with a healing word and hit the elemental with sacred flame, a combo she repeats multiple times with mixed success.

Jamna blasts away at the thing with her ray of frost. Each time she hits it, half the creature is briefly outlined with ice crystals. Hurk brings out the Longbow of the Golden Hart, but none of his arrows strike true—although two of them do strike Garrett. Eventually, Captain Khalia and the confused paladins join in with heavy crossbows, hitting the invisible stalker with a couple bolts.

Garrett finally manages to slip away from the creature’s ever-shifting grasp and scrambles down the tree and out into the open. The invisible stalker continues to pursue him. Hurk finally discards the bow and charges the entity with Hazirawn, tearing it apart.

Garrett then gets some paper from the paladins and writes an obscene note to The Xanathar. He then finds an underworld contact in the tent city to convey it to the beholder.

As the party recovers from the one-two of the cult ambush and the assassination attempt, their dwarven guide Thali arrives. She tells them about invisible stalkers, elemental entities that are summoned to kill specific targets that they can always track down. This does not reassure Garrett or Larion.

After resting up, the next day the party sets out for Waterdeep. It takes more than a ten-day to reach the metropolis, with Garrett jumping at every random gust of wind along the way. On arriving, they report to the Council about Varram’s capture and death, as well as the information they extracted from him. Lord Dagult Neverember and the other Councilmembers appear to be impressed with their handling of the situation.

The Council tasks them with tracking down Maccath the Crimson, a sorcerer from the Arcane Brotherhood who is an expert on the artifact known as the Draakhorn. She’s gone missing in the Sea of Moving Ice far to the north, presumed a captive of the white dragon Arauthator.

Jamna reunites with the adventurers after the Council session, giddy with her promotion in the Zhentarim. They go shopping for winter gear, then head to the Yawning Portal. While Hurk and Jamna chat each other up and Beryl gets drunk on two beers, Garrett and Larion spot Igach watching them. They spend the night sleeping in shifts, having set up candles to spot any stray breeze.

The next morning, the party heads to the dock to meet with the longship the Council arranged to take them north. They meet with Lerustah Half-Face, captain of the Frostskimmr, who welcomes them aboard. Soon, they are sailing out of Waterdeep and towards the Sea of Moving Ice.

Total Party Kickass
The Cult Strikes Back, Part 2

Having discovered an impending cultist ambush at the Boareskyre Bridge, the adventurers race to disrupt the plot. Beryl and Hurk warn the paladin Captain Khalia to summon reinforcements, while Garrett, Larion, and Jamna attempt to do something about the barrels planted at Bolo’s Tentside Inn.

While trying to sneak in the back of the inn’s pavilion, Larion and Garrett spot a rapidly approaching blue dragon. They realize that it is lining up a strafing run across the row of barrels. Inside the tent, Jamna disguises herself as an inspector for the Guild of Inns and Taverns and demands that the barrels be rolled outside. Unfortunately, her bluster isn’t quite convincing.

So it falls to Garrett, alarmed by the incoming dragon, to burst into the tent and start shouting “Fire! Fire!” His genuine fear convinces the crowd and sparks a stampede for the exit, just as Beryl and Hurk arrive.

Beryl stands firm against the throng but Hurk is immediately bowled over. Jamna likewise is knocked to the ground and trampled. Beryl senses a fellow dragon nearby and casts her gaze up to see the diving wyrm. She also sees several individuals in full Cult of the Dragon regalia dashing from one of the nearby tents into the cover of the tree line.

Beryl pulls Hurk onto his feet and warns him about both dangers. The two of them elbow their way out of the crowd as Hurk unslings the Longbow of the Golden Hart and readies a shot at the dragon.

Inside the pavilion, Garrett urges Larion to pick up Jamna and make a break for it. The half-elf collects the gnome and carries her to the threshold, where she wriggles free and slips into the crowd. Garrett himself rushes out through the back of the tent and up into a nearby tree a safe distance away.

By this point, the dragon’s approach is noticed by the crowd of evacuated patrons and an even greater panic starts to set it. Their surprise spoiled, the cultists decide to reveal themselves. The blue half-dragon leads his band of cultists out into view, shouting “The dragons rise! None can stop Tiamat’s return!”

The half-dragon then belches forth a long bolt of lightning that strikes Hurk square in the chest plate, thoroughly zapping him and putting his hair on end.

Three individuals in the crowd cast off their cloaks, revealing cult regalia beneath. They, too, shout “The dragons rise! None shall defeat them!”

The trio rush up behind Hurk and Beryl, their scimitars at the ready. Meanwhile, two of the cultists from the tree line dash forward and lift off, their capes taking the form of great bat wings to fly them over to the adventurers. They descend sword first, their blades crackling with electricity. Hurk and Beryl both take savage wounds from the attack.

The party realizes that these aren’t second-stringers. The cult is truly bent on killing them in this ambush, and has invested substantial resources to do so. From the shadows of the trees, their old enemy Frulam Mondath watches her cultists do their work.

The blue dragon dives low, flinching only slightly as Hurk wings it with his arrow. It is younger and smaller than the dragon that attacked Greenest so many months ago, but still dangerous. Its lightning breath scorches a line through the pavilion. There is a hissing sound and then multiple explosions tear apart the inn. Larion is singed by the blast. The dragon starts to wheel around for another pass.

Beryl struggles to heal the damage the cultists are dealing out, as she and Hurk bleed from multiple wounds. Garrett looses arrows from his perch in the tree, then ducks back into cover, hidden from view. Larion manages to sneak up to one of the cultists, but his scimitar glances off their armor. Jamna casts color spray and manages to briefly blind two of the three that are flanking Hurk and Beryl from behind.

Hurk drops the longbow and has a cackling Hazirawn to hand an instant later. The greatsword cleaves through one of the dragonwing cultists, but a slash against the second one is parried.

The remaining dragonwing calls for help and the half-dragon marches forward, cutting into Hurk with a vicious falchion. Garrett takes a shot at the half-dragon, but the arrow bounces off its armor. The sighted member of the cultist trio slashes out at the badly wounded Beryl, but swift as a sentinel Hurk lops the top of the man’s head off.

The wounded dragonwing cultist takes a swing at Hurk, but Beryl hooks his leg, throwing him off balance and allowing the fighter to easily bat aside his attacks.

A frustrated Frulam Mondath edges closer to the battle and uses a crackling orb of electrical energy to hurl a bolt of lightning at Beryl. The cleric barely stays on her feet, but is able to recite a healing word that bolsters herself and her allies. She then moves to flank the half-dragon with Hurk.

The young blue dragon swoops down and bites Hurk as it passes by, its teeth easily punching through his armor. The half-orc still has plenty of fight left in him however.

Larion sees his chance and cuts down one of the blinded cultists from behind, then wounds the other badly with a dagger from his off hand. Jamna decides against magic and instead marches out into the open to pop the wounded dragonwing cultist in the knee with her wrench, then splatter his head once he falls to the ground.

With Hazirawn whispering in his ear, Hurk lops off the half-dragon’s sword arm. He the grabs the half-dragon by the shoulder with one hand and rams the evil sword straight through the creature’s armor. Hazirawn’s necrotic energy drinks deep and the half-dragon wilts into a desiccated husk that Hurk casts to the ground.

He casts his gaze over to the last of the three cultists that had been flanking him from behind. This gentleman, having just regained his sight, realizes that he is the last cultist standing in the half-orc’s immediate vicinity. The man, already badly wounded by Larion, tries to disengage and flee. Hurk just flicks out with Hazirawn to spear the cultist’s heart.

Frulam Mondath stares in disbelief at the circle of six dead elite cultists around the blood-spattered Hurk and Beryl. She then uses her orb to fire a bolt of lightning into the sky and starts running. Garrett lets fly with an arrow, but just misses her. The silvery wrath of Beryl’s sacred flame scorches her but does not slow her.

Then the blue dragon, with an air of “I can’t believe I’m doing this,” swoops down to pick up Frulam Mondath and carry her off. Captain Khalia and a lance of mounted knights ride up in time to witness the escape. From his perch in the tree, Garrett flips them off for their tardiness.

Roll Out the Barrel
The Cult Strikes Back, Part 1

The adventurers have a tense interaction with Talis the White, who wants to question the captured Wyrmspeaker Varram the White. This is further complicated by the fact that their guide Thali secretly has a bomb ready to go off if negotiations fail.

After Varram refuses to cooperate, they let Talis ask her questions. Once she does, she informs the adventurers that the cult plans to ambush them at the Boareskyre Bridge. Talis, Larion, and Garrett then have an awkward reunion before she departs.

On their way back through the Serpent Hills, the adventurers question Varram. He reveals the following information:

  • The Cult is based out of the Well of Dragons, an ancient dragon burial ground to the south, which the Cult has heavily fortified.
  • The Cult can complete its ritual without all of the Wyrmspeaker masks, but every mask that is lost will weaken Tiamat’s avatar when it manifests on Faerun.
  • The loss of Wyrmspeaker Rezmir has thrown the Black Dragon sect of the Cult into chaos.
  • The Cult’s leader Severin the Red is relying on the magical expertise of exiled Red Wizards of Thay, but the wizards aren’t true believers. They just want to use Tiamat against their enemies in Thay—and those same enemies could intervene against the Cult.
  • The Cult has diabolical allies who want to see Tiamat released from the Nine Hells, but other devils make want to thwart this plan and keep her there.
  • One fiendish ally of the Cult is a succubus that has compromised some Council staff and has been feeding information to the Cult.

Once the adventurers have heard what they need, they give Jamna the green light. The next morning, Varram is missing. Tracking his “escape,” they discover he has fallen down a ravine to his death. Thali decides she isn’t going to pay to have him raised from the dead.

They approach the tent city at Boareskyre Bridge and see no sign of a cult attack. Jamna turns Garrett invisible so that he can scout the camp. He spots a paladin helping to bring some unruly dogs under control. He also uses this opportunity to try picking some pockets and acquires a strange little bag. At Bolo’s Roadside Inn, Invisible Garrett doesn’t see anyone unusually shady, but does notice something odd about the barrels of ale that the innkeeper is being sold. Five of them smell very chemically.

Invisible Garrett follows the ale merchant back to a tent, where he is conferring with Frulam Mondath, last surviving leader of the Cult’s attack on Greenest many months ago. The Cultists have spotted the party, but are surprised the adventurers haven’t moved on to the inn yet. Frulam says it will be a while before the innkeeper taps the special barrels. She tells the merchant to “suit up.”

Invisible Garrett returns to inform the party, pausing first to surreptitiously tie Hurk’s shoes. They debate what to do. Garrett discovers that his pilfered pouch contains hairy beans that turn into small animals that temporarily obey him. He sends a red squirrel to go gnaw on the funny smelling barrels in order to mark them.

Larion suggests they bring the authorities in on this. Hurk, Beryl and Thali decide to talk to the paladin while the rogues try to abscond with the barrels. The paladin, Captain Khalia, remembers them and agrees to get reinforcements from the nearby watchtower.

At the tavern, the rogues try to find a way to get the barrels removed. Jamna disguises herself as a guild inspector while Garrett and Larion stealth around to the back of the pavilion. Just before they slip inside, they spy a dragon approaching in the distance.

The Obligatory Serpent Cult Battle
Rise of Tiamat, Varram the White, Part 5

After the party recovers from the bridge battle, Jamna thanks them for saving her. She confesses her secret mission to murder Varram in order to prevent him from revealing details of Zhent operations to the rest of the council. Garrett suggests that they question Varram about the Cult and then kill him. The others are on board with this plan.

They jerry-rig a rope bridge across the chasm and venture deeper into the serpentfolk complex. Following a trail of blood, they arrive at a temple. Six enormous snake statues flank the room, the green flames in their mouths providing eerie illumination. At the far end of the room is a dais with a large stone altar. Behind it is a naga-like yuan-ti priestess, holding a semi-conscious Varram at knife point. Their foe Ssessirex stands near the altar, as does another yuan-ti malison and two lizardfolk warriors.

The priestess calls out to the adventurers, offering to give them the dwarf if they leave. Hurk demands satisfaction against Ssessirex and ultimately arranges for a duel between them. The half-orc confidently brings Hazirawn to bear against the yuan-ti’s scimitar. The baleful blade cuts the yuan-ti down.

But the green flame from one of the six snake statues flits over to the fallen Ssessirex, restoring him to vitality. The serpent-headed man presses the attack. Though Hurk kills him repeatedly, the green flames continue to revive him and the yuan-ti’s own attacks begin to wear down the half-orc, despite Beryl’s healing magic. Hurk cries foul at this, but Ssessirex points out that he is the one who provoked a duel i a temple.

Meanwhile, Garrett and Jamna have been slowly and stealthily creeping across the fringes of the room, moving from snake statue to snake statue. Jamna is ultimately discovered, sparking outrage from the yuan-ti for her interference. As the duel devolves into a battle, the yuan-ti priestess calls for the adventurers to just take the dwarf and leave, using magic to strike terror in them.

Beryl, jamna, Larion, and Ssessirex are all afflict and run. Hurk manages to lead the barely conscious Varram out of the temple chamber. Garrett lingers to take a few potshots at the priestess before following.

Out in the corridor, Jamna runs as fast as her little legs can take her, but the others quickly shake off the priestess’ magic. Ssessirex is caught outside the temple’s magic and is put down viciously.

The adventurers make their way outside of Diderius’ Tomb, where they reunite with Jamna. After dousing Varram with curative magic, the golf dwarf Wyrmspeaker becomes very talkative. He explains that the White Wyrmspeaker mask was stolen from him, so he traveled out to the tomb to use its divining pool to locate it before the theft was known to the rest of the Cult. Unfortunately, the pool revealed that Cult agents had already recovered the stolen mask, leaving Varram’s reputation in shambles.

That is when Talis the White and a band of her followers emerge from one of the ruined buildings outside the tomb. Talis is very disappointed to hear that the White Wyrmspeaker mask was recovered.

A Close Fall
Rise of Tiamat, Varram the White, Part 4

Having chased the fleeing lizardfolk through the secret door into the Yuan-ti caverns, the adventurers find another band of reptile people on a bridge over a chasm. Two snake-headed yuan-ti malisons with longbows stand behind the lizardfolk.

Jamna stealthily creeps forward and uses minor illusion to create disturbing roars from the chasm to rattle the scaly warriors.

Garrett shoots the fleeing lizardman in the back with his shortbow. Hurk then rushes forward and tries to bash the wounded lizardman into his fellows on the bridge. The lizardman doesn’t budge. Beryl incinerates it with sacred flame

Larion creeps forward and prepares his scimitar in case the lizardfolk advance.

Having gone out in front, Hurk becomes the target for a barrage of javelins and arrows from the lizardolk and yuan-ti. Jamna starts up another minor illusion of a creepy shadow rising out of the chasm to further scare the enemy.

Garrett fires an arrow, then moves forward stealthily. Hurk charges the enemies on the bridge and cuts through two lizardfolk with Hazirawn. Beryl moves up to heal him.

The yuan-ti order the lizardfolk to hurl the adventurers into the chasm. Two lizardfolk try to heave Hurk, but he shakes them off. Jamna moves up and takes one down, then hides behind Beryl.

Garrett wounds one of the yuan-ti. Hurk fails to take down the second lizardman and ends up driving his sword down into the bridge. A huge crack starts to spread across its surface.

The remaining lizardman freaks out and retreats, getting punched by Hurk as he goes. The reptile folk launch missiles, focusing on Garrett. Jamna retreats off the bridge and blasts one of the yuan-ti with ray of frost. Garrett backs away and kills the wounded serpentman with an arrow.

With great effort, Hurk gets his sword free of the stone. Beryl drags him back to safety as the cracks expand to cause much of the bridge to collapse. The surviving yuan-ti laughs across the chasm that they are at an impasse.

Hurk turns to Jamna and asks if she wants to try a fastball special. She determinedly agrees. He throws her across the broken bridge. Wielding her wrench, she takes down one of the lizardfolk and knocks another off the bridge.

Then it all goes wrong.

Moving lightning fast, the yuan-ti grabs the little gnome by the throat and dramatically drops her off the bridge. She plunges into the dark chasm with a shriek, followed by a sickening wet crunch.

Sneering at the horrified adventurers, the yuan-ti introduces himself as Ssessirex and invites Hurk to seek him out. He and the surviving lizardman then retreat down the stairs deeper into the serpentfolk’s lair.

The party immediately rushes to rescue Jamna, hoping against hope she was alive. Garrett quickly gets out his rope and with the rest of the party anchoring it, hastily descends into the chasm. He uses the dim glow of his magic bow Pokey to see. Garrett discovers that Jamna fortunately fell on the shallower side of the cavern, landing on the body of the lizardman she’d knocked off the side.

Garrett quickly applies a healer’s kit to the unconscious gnome, stabilizing her. He rigs a harness for her to be pulled up and climbs after her. Beryl casts cure wounds on Jamna and the gnome awakes gasping. She admits that the fastball special was a bit to cocky and notes that the yuan-ti had snake-like reflexes. She and Hurk ugly cry over each other.

The adventurers retreat up to the chamber above to rest and recuperate. Jamna awkwardly thanks Garrett, then returns to cuddle at Hurk’s side. The party still needs to find a way across the chasm and discover what has become of their target, Varram the White.

I Speak With Dead People
Rise of Tiamat, Varram the White, Part 3

After their experience with the bone boulder trap, the party investigates everything more carefully. They discover a set of sarcophagi hidden behind the hanging tapestries but can’t determine their purpose.

Making sure to perform the holy gesture of Mystril beforehand, the adventurers enter through the large double boors. Beyond they find a throne on a massive dais that resembles a floating cloud concealing a golden sun. Seated on the throne is a twelve-foot tall, regal and well muscled man with a flowing white beard and purple toga. A pile of treasure, most of it copper pieces and cheap trinkets, lies at its feet.

The giant tells them that before seeking Diderius’ wisdom they must first furnish tribute. They each make an offering and the figure gestures for them to pass through the adjacent door.

The passage leads to a dining hall where five bearded devils stand on guard. The devils pay the party little mind until the adventurers strike up polite conversation. The party pays them 200gp in gems for information. They learn that the devils are from “Avernus,” that they serve Varram the White, and that they have been ordered to guard against anything dangerous emerging from the chamber below where undead things slew a cultist. They also learn that Varram has been missing for some time.

The party presses on to the divination chamber, which was apparently the scene of a fight. Beryl uses speak with dead to question a dead cultist, a man with gray hair and a tangled mustache. His corpse reveals that he was killed by Varram as an offering to the pool. Varram is seeking the location of the White Wyrmspeaker mask. The corpse also reveals that Varram came with twelve cultists and five bearded devils. Seven cultists were slain. Larion helpfully recalls the seven graves outside.

Garrett considers trying to contact Talis the White for information on Varram, but realizes it would take too long.

The party presses on to the next room, which contains the tomb of Diderius. He warns them that yuan-ti have taken Varram and offers to open their secret door. The party prepares for battle.

The door opens to reveal a band of lizardmen. Beryl hears one of them rush off to warn the yuan-ti while the rest charge forward. Hurk cuts through two of them, Jamna wrenches one that hurt the half-orc, Beryl fries one, and the last flees.

The party gives chase, stumbling across a band of lizardfolk and two yuan-ti waiting for them on a narrow bridge across a chasm.

It's a Trap!
Rise of Tiamat, Varram the White, Part 2

Still searching for the wyrmspeaker Varram the White, the party enters the Tomb of Diderius. They had been warned by the statues outside that while the dead wizard Diderius can grant wisdom, they must show him due respect. The hall leading into the tomb is lined with cowled statues. As they approach, they hear a warning in their heads not to peer into the cowls.

Walking through the hall, the statues turn their heads to watch them pass. Garrett realizes that the cowled statues are a magical trap, and Beryl decides to take care of that nonsense by casting dispel magic.

The hallway opens onto a large chamber with an elaborate mosaic of a knight battling a chimera beneath a blazing sun. The adventurers are alarmed when the mosaic chimera comes to life and rises out of the floor to breathe very real fire on them. Then it attacks Garrett.

The adventurers pile on in response and the tiled creature retreats to a ledge in the high vaulted chamber. Beryl blasts it apart with a well struck sacred flame.

With the immediate threat removed, the party has several doors to investigate, one of which has the words “SAFE” scrawled on it in chalk. Inside is a well overgrown with mushrooms. Jamna eats one, while Garrett pockets a few. They realize that trolls sometimes come up through the well. They also notice a strange nearby sluice. They haul up water from the well and pour it into the sluice, but it goes into the next room.

Moving on to a pair of double doors, Garrett avoids crushed as the ceiling of the hall to the next room collapses. With that way blocked, the party heads down a side passage. As they do, there is a soft “click.”

A boulder made of bones pops out of the floor from where the mosaic sun was located. It rattles down the sloped floor towards them. Jamna and Larion dodge out of the way but the others are not so lucky. Skeletal hands grasp them as the boulder strikes and pull them inside the sphere, where they rattle around painfully as it tumbles faster and faster before colliding against a wall.

Hurk administers potions to the bleeding dwarf and human while the worried gnome and half-elf run down to check on them. The adventurers heal and rest up for a bit before proceeding.

The next room they enter looks like a library without books. They encounter the ghost Ilda, who tells hem about the dangers of the divination pool, which demands a cruel price from any who seek to use it. She also warns them of the presence of the yuan-ti., who have infiltrated the tomb. Ilda urges them to return any missing books they find.

The party considers whether they could use the pool to find Varram, while Hurk ponders if he could offer Hazirawn to it.

From the Horse's Mouth
Rise of Tiamat, Varram the White, Part 1

Having wrapped up their meeting with the Council of Waterdeep, the party is escorted by Leosin to another courtyard to select a guide for their journey. There imediate quest is to hunt down the Wyrmspeaker known as Varram the White, said to be traveling with minimal escort in the vicinity of the Serpent Hills.

They have three individuals to choose from. One is a burly and competitive human man named Dalbert Tane, affiliated with the Order of the Gauntlet. Another is a cheerful red-headed dwarf woman called Thali Understone who seems to be carrying an entire warehouse on her back. She does work for the Lords’ Alliance from time to time. The third guide is a rather grim halfling man with a dark beard and a pet eagle he keeps muttering to. His name is Gylan Darkfeather and he is aligned with the Emerald Enclave.

While the adventurers are impressed with all three guides, they ultimately select Thali since her “always prepared” nature would be the most flexible. She thanks them for choosing her and tells them that they can leave tomorrow at first light, as she has some final travel arrangements to make. The adventurers retire to the Yawning Portal Inn to prepare for the trip ahead. That night, they all have strange and portentous dreams.

The next morning, Garrett and Content Not Found: larion wake up to find a horse’s head in their bed. Things go from bad to worse when it starts speaking in the Xanathar’s voice and its ears unfold into giant bat wings. After expressing the beholder’s disappointment, the creature paralyzes Garrett with its frightful shriek.

In a near panic, Larion manages to stab the monster with a dagger. Even from across the hall, Beryl is startled awake by the shriek. She barges into the room, hammer in hand, and calls down a sacred flame that badly scorches the creature. Jamna darts in beside her, wild eyed, and looses a ray of frost that misses the horse head but strikes Garrett in the crotch.

The injury jars the rogue out of his paralysis, giving him a change to fight off the fiending equine head’s attempt to kiss him. Lacking a weapon, Garrett seizes it by its ear-wings and headbutts so savagely the monster’s skull caves in. Hurk arrives in time to help manage the apologetic staff at the Yawning Portal, managing to both get the rooms comped and score a higher quality of breakfast egg.

Inspecting the dead monster, Beryl concludes that it is a fiendish creature called a vargouille. These entities can spread their affliction by paralyzing and then kissing their victims, whose own heads slowly transform into new vargouilles. Garrett and Larion find that they have lost any appetite for breakfast.

Thali arrives late, explaining that someone had beheaded Garrett’s horse. They fill her in on the attack and then decide to let her know that there might be more such ambushes in the future. She finds this whole story fascinating and assures them she can take care of herself.

Beryl gets a sense that Thali has a bit of magic about her, though she’s no priest and no wizard either, despite her plethera of books. After the guide repeatedly assures Garrett and Larion that the horses won’t bite, the party sets out south down the trade way.

Aside from the cold autumn weather, it is a pleasant journey south. Thali makes for a cheery companion and always seems to have anything the adventurers desire near to hand. When Beryl asks for moonshine, Thali breaks out some gnomish liquor and a shot glasses from tourist traps across the Sword Coast. She is even a rapt audience for Beryl’s drunken Bahamut evangelism.

Despite the good cheer, Garrett and Larion continue to keep a wary eye on the horses.

After two weeks of travel, the party arrives at the Boareskyre Bridge. Thali explains a bit of history about the bridge and the monument to the battle between the gods Cyric and Bhaal that took place there. A tent city has grown up about the bridge, serving as a way station for travelers, and the paladins of Elturel have built a small holdfast to serve as shelter in time of danger.

Thali takes them to a large, brightly colored pavilion that serves as an inn. Its proprietor, a middle-aged halfling woman named Bolo, described how Varram and a small band of mercenaries rolled into the camp to hire guides for a trip to the serpent hills. The dwarf picked out a yuan-ti infiltrator and killed the serpent man on the spot, making him a local hero. He and his band left for the hills shortly thereafter and have not been heard from since.

The next day, the party sets out for the Serpent Hills themselves. Thali claims she is able to follow Varram’s trail, and Beryl suspects she is doing so with a little magical assistance. They track the dragon cultists to the ruins of a small settlement located outside some sort of catacombs carved into a cliff face. Thali stays behind with the horses while the adventurers move in to investigate.

Many of the stone buildings are empty shells, long since picked clean by scavengers. Beryl recognizes them as centuries old, holding up well for human work. In one, they find traces of an illusion spell that makes the crumbling furniture and moldy books appear brand new. The books are all written by someone named Diderius and seem to discuss visions and fortune telling.

The party also finds what appears to be the cultists’ camp, which appears abandoned. Seven shallow graves are dug nearby, and three heavy objects appear to have been dragged into a nearby well. Garrett ventures down into the well to find a small tunnel, too narrow even for Jamna to traverse, and no sign of bodies. There are large claw marks on the wall suggesting a creature or creatures climbed out of the well. Worse, the tunnel stinks of troll.

With that cheery discovery, the party approaches the entrance to the catacombs, which is flanked by two statues of robed men. The statues turn and challenge them, demanding to know if they seek “knowledge” or “wisdom” from the mighty Diderius who dwells within. Beryl says that they seek wisdom. The statues bid them enter, but warn that they must show the proper “respect.”

With that final bit of advice, the adventurers step into the catacombs.

Picking Teams
Rise of Tiamat, First Council of Waterdeep Part 2

The next morning, Garrett is exhausted from a sleepless night while Beryl is battling a hangover. Jamna offers her a gnomish hangover cure, which works for the dwarf but leaves Hurk with an upset stomach. Raeyanne is drawn away on Harper business.

Garrett notices that Igach is waiting in a shadowy corner of the Yawning Portal. After determining that Beryl lacks a method to shield the party from eavesdropping, he seeks out an old contact amid the caravan masters in the South Ward.

Officially, Tenore Edorasil manages the Viridian Chalice service of caravan guides, but his real business is serving as a neutral fixer for Waterdeep’s underworld. For the price of 250gp (plus a hefty tip), he is able to arrange a secure room at the Thirsty Sage where the party can talk.

There, Garrett blurts out his situation to the party and asks for advice, as he is not keen on helping Xanathar. Larion insists that he’s already walked into worse dangers with Garrett and will stick with him. He also suggests seeking out a stronger ally.

Jamna reiterates her offer to join the Zhentarim, and the notoriously independent Garrett weighs the idea. Hurk argues against it, noting that the party can generally take care of itself and that the Zhents’ protection might not be worth much more than what the adventurer can already do.

Garrett decides to tell Igach to pass a “fuck you” on to Mr. X, but holds on to the vulgar cartoon he had Larion draw. Garrett also has to placate an angry Talis who contacts him via sending to ask about her brother.

Once the message to the Xanathar is conveyed, Garrett has a tense evening at the bar followed by a night of cuddles with Larion.

The next morning, the party arrives at the Lords Palace for the meeting of the First Council of Waterdeep. Larion and Jamna are asked to wait outside.

The Council consists of representatives from communities and organizations across the Sword Coast. It is chaired by Lord Dagult Neverember, Open Lord of Waterdeep and Lord of Neverwinter, the most powerful ruler in the region. Grand Duke Ulder Ravenguard of Baldur’s Gate is there, as is the elvish King Melandrach of the Misty Forest, Taern “Thunderspells” Hornblade of Silverymoon, and Sir Isteval of daggerford. Ambassador Connerad Brawnanvil is there representing the dwarves of the north. The Lady Mage of Waterdeep, Lady Laeral Silverhand is there. Remallia Haventree and Leosin Erlanthar are there for the Harpers. Ontharr Frume is there on behalf of the Order of the Gauntlet. Delaan Winterhound is there representing the Emerald Enclave.

The Council asks the party to relay the story of their exploits. Some council members are unhappy with how the dragon egg situation was resolved. Elia then informs everyone about the Draakhorn, which calls to dragons all over the world. It was last seen in the Sea of Moving Ice, which was also where the Draakhorn expert Maccath the Crimson disappeared three years ago.

Before the party can go there, however, Leosin reveals that the Harpers have discovered the location of one of the Cult’s Wyrmspeakers. Varram the White has been seen venturing out into the Serpent Hills northeast of Baldur’s Gate. With their resources spread thin, the Council wants the party to go after him. They offer to provide them with a writ of investigation, which would grant them authority and resources but place the adventurers under the Council’s oversight.

The party has a private huddle and grudgingly agrees to go along. They are informed that horses are available for their use and they have their choice of guide to take them into the Serpent Hills.

Outside the Council chambers, they spy Jamna talking to a mysterious tiefling. Hurk is approached by Ulder Ravenguard, who recruits him into the Lords’ Alliance and promises him an officer’s commission in the Flaming Fists when this is all over. The half-orc agrees.

Beryl is also approached by Ontharr Frume, who recruits her into the Order of the Gauntlet to increase the representation for the Church of Bahamut.

Rise of Tiamat, First Council of Waterdeep Part 1

Following their battle with the white dragon Glazhael the Cloud-chaser, the adventurers rest and recover aboard the floating cloud giant castle of Skyreach. Hurk and his evil talking greatsword Hazirawn bicker. Jamna thanks Beryl for keeping the half-orc alive during the battle. Larion thanks Garrett for helping to set him on the right course. Jamna offers Garrett a chance to join the Zhentarim, who can protect him from old enemies. Raeyanne collects her winnings from the ogres’ javelin contest.

That night, Beryl is visited in her dreams by the platinum dragon god Bahamut. He praises her efforts so far in thwarting the Adversary, but warns that greater perils await. He grants Beryl his blessing.

Skyreach arrives at Waterdeep and after some tense negotiations, the authorities allow it to land outside the city. The adventurers reunite with their old contact Leosin, who asks them to gather that night at the Yawning Portal Inn.

Before the meeting, however, the adventurers take their hard-earned gold and go shopping. Beryl picks up a pair of gauntlets of ogre strength, greatly enhancing her physical brawn. Garrett and Hurk also acquired boots of elvenkind. Raeyanne goes off to report to her Harper superiors.

Once the merchandise has been acquired, the party regroups at the Yawning Portal, where they are met by Leosin, the boisterous paladin Ontharr Frume, and the silver-haired woman Elia.

Leosin brings them up to speed on events. The treasure haul that the party liberated amounted to between a quarter or a third of the hoard the Cult had been gathering for Tiamat, but they are still pressing forward. Cult attacks are on the rise and they have even struck within Waterdeep itself, murdering the husband of Harper leader Remallia Haventree. This assassination proved even more significant when it was revealed that Remalia’s husband was one of the Masked Lords of Waterdeep.

In response, a Council has been called summoning leaders from across the Sword Coast to organize a collective response to the threat from the Cult. Leosin says that the Council will meet in two days, and that the adventurers will be asked to share their story.

A sudden icy shiver runs through everyone in the Yawning Portal Tavern, as if they all felt someone walking over their grave. Beryl experiences it differently, however. She hears a a deep and distant horn calling out to her, and realizes that Elia hears the same. The silver-haired woman excuses herself and runs off.

Beryl then proceeds to get smashed. Hurk is in the process of joining her when he encounters an old friend from the Right Bastards mercenary company. The veteran, Orvin, explains that he is fleeing the Sword Coast for Calimport before the dragons attack. Hurk wishes him luck.

Garrett is approached by the elven gangster Igach, who lets him know that the Underboss of Waterdeep, “Mr. X,” wants to meet with him that night. After arranging for Jamna to keep watch over Larion’s room, Garrett sneaks away that night and is led deep below the city to the subterranean lair of the mysterious crimelord.

The Xanathar turns out to be a grinning beholder. He offers Garrett forgiveness for past indiscretions, and even a promotion within the thieves’ guild. In exchange, the rogue is expected to provide regular updates on the Council’s operations against the Cult.

Garrett is skeptical, but the Xanathar claims to merely be a concerned citizen with a vested interest in the Cult’s defeat. The beholder gives Garrett 24 hours to respond to the offer.


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