Tag: Criminal


  • Garrett

    Garrett's origins are nothing special. He's not sure where he's from and he doesn't care to know. There might be Damaran or Chondathan behind him; maybe even Mulanese. It's not important; he grew up on the streets steaing bread and picking pockets, hardly …

  • The Xanathar

    The secretive underboss of [[Waterdeep | Waterdeep's]] thieves guild, The Xanathar--or Mr. X, as some call him--dwells in a hidden palace deep below the city. He summoned [[:garrett | Garrett]] to meet with him after the latter's return to town. The …

  • Tenore Edorasil

    Officially the proprietor of the Viridian Chalice, which provides caravan guides to merchants across the Sword Coast, Tenore's real business is serving as a neutral information broker and fixer for the city's underworld.