Tag: Dragon


  • Lennithon

    The blue dragon that attacked [[Greenest]] in league with the [[Cult of the Dragon]], Lennithon was driven off after the party [[The Charm Offensive | delivered a ballista bolt to his mouth]].

  • Voaraghamanthar the Black Death

    A dragon who has claimed the Mere of Dead Men as his personal domain. He permitted the [[Cult of the Dragon]] to operate out of [[Castle Naerytar]] in exchange for a certain book, but feels that the Cult isn't holding up their end of the deal. He has …

  • Glazhael the Cloud-chaser

    An adult white dragon, it set up a lair on Skyreach Castle to protect the hoard of the Dragon Queen. The party confronted Glazhael in the treasure room. After a fierce fight, [[:hurk | Hurk]] used the greatsword [[:hazirawn | Hazirawn]] to slice off …