Tag: Half-Elf


  • Leosin Erlanthar

    A young half-elf monk from Berdusk, Leosin has been investigating the [[Cult of the Dragon]] for some time. He was captured by the cult during the [[Greenest in Flames | Battle of Greenest]] and taken back to their camp, where he was publicly tortured. …

  • Eadyan Falconmoon

    Eadyan Falconmoon runs [[Greenest | Greenest's]] temple to [[Chauntea]]. He helped the party [[Half-Orc, All Charm | evacuate]] the temple during the Battle of Greenest and then arranged a hookup with [[:garrett | Garrett]] via thieves' cant.

  • Larion Keenblade

    A handsome young half-elf, he fell in with the [[Cult of the Dragon]], but quickly realized he wanted out. [[:garrett| Garrett]] took a liking to the kid and helped extricate him from the Cult during the party's stay at Carnath Roadhouse. The two have …

  • Delaan Winterhound

    A representative of the [[Emerald Enclave]], he conferred with the party in [[Waterdeep]] about their efforts to track the cult's stolen loot.

  • Talis the White

    A high ranked Wearer of Purple in the [[Cult of the Dragon]], she is a leader of the Cult's operation at the hunting lodge east of the Graypeak Mountains. She is also [[:keenblade | Larion's]] long-lost sister. Talis' family has deep roots in the Cult …