Tag: Harper


  • Leosin Erlanthar

    A young half-elf monk from Berdusk, Leosin has been investigating the [[Cult of the Dragon]] for some time. He was captured by the cult during the [[Greenest in Flames | Battle of Greenest]] and taken back to their camp, where he was publicly tortured. …

  • Raeyanne

    Raeyanne was orphaned when both her parents died of a plague in Waterdeep. She owes her survival to another urchin who found her and taught her how to survive on the streets. Her circumstances being almost entirely due to luck, both good and ill, has lead …

  • Remallia Haventree

    An elf noble and senior member of the [[Harpers]] in [[Waterdeep]]. She met with [[:raeyanne | Raeyanne]] at the Rat's Nest to hear an update on the Cult of the Dragon's activities in the Greenfields.