Tag: Moon Elf


  • Cylanestriel

    The [[Elves | moon elf]] ranger Cylanestriel is a champion of growing renown on the [[Sword Coast]]. She made a name for herself by slaying the green dragon Claugxinaurak in the [[Wood of Sharp Teeth]], following that up with the destruction of the white …

  • Remallia Haventree

    An elf noble and senior member of the [[Harpers]] in [[Waterdeep]]. She met with [[:raeyanne | Raeyanne]] at the Rat's Nest to hear an update on the Cult of the Dragon's activities in the Greenfields.

  • Noohar Serelim

    Noohar and his brother Selvek are hauling wood carvings by the elves of Cormyr from [[Baldur's Gate]] to [[Waterdeep]]. While his brother never speaks, Noohar never shuts up. The brothers have hired [[:hurk]] as their personal bodyguard for the journey …

  • Tenore Edorasil

    Officially the proprietor of the Viridian Chalice, which provides caravan guides to merchants across the Sword Coast, Tenore's real business is serving as a neutral information broker and fixer for the city's underworld.