Tag: Noble


  • Governor Tarbaw Nighthill

    A human male of 60 years, Tarbaw Nighthill governs the town of [[Greenest]] at the behest of its inhabitants. A former adventurer, he settled down to serve as protector of the town. The party encountered Governor Nighthill in the keep during the Battle …

  • Remallia Haventree

    An elf noble and senior member of the [[Harpers]] in [[Waterdeep]]. She met with [[:raeyanne | Raeyanne]] at the Rat's Nest to hear an update on the Cult of the Dragon's activities in the Greenfields.

  • Gilas

    A cruel nobleman who abuses his horses, [[:raeyanne | Raeyanne]] gave him a talking to. He is accompanied by a knight and a mage as bodyguards.