Tag: Waterdeep


  • Raeyanne

    Raeyanne was orphaned when both her parents died of a plague in Waterdeep. She owes her survival to another urchin who found her and taught her how to survive on the streets. Her circumstances being almost entirely due to luck, both good and ill, has lead …

  • Captain Ardred Briferhew

    Captain of the relief caravan to the Carnath Roadhouse, he has taken over command of the guards there. A plainspoken veteran soldier from Waterdeep, he has a reputation as tough but fair.

  • Lady Laeral Silverhand

    One of the Seven Sisters--legendary, nigh-immortal figures known to have been blessed by Mystra. She serves as Lady Mage of Waterdeep, the city's most powerful arcane spellcaster.

  • Elia

    A mysterious woman involved in the effort to stop the [[Cult of the Dragon]]. [[:beryl | Beryl]] had a strange sense of recognition when they met at the Yawning Portal.

  • Wisym

    A wizard in [[Waterdeep]], he is working to cure [[:imsa | Green Imsa]] of her verdant hue.

  • The Xanathar

    The secretive underboss of [[Waterdeep | Waterdeep's]] thieves guild, The Xanathar--or Mr. X, as some call him--dwells in a hidden palace deep below the city. He summoned [[:garrett | Garrett]] to meet with him after the latter's return to town. The …

  • Tenore Edorasil

    Officially the proprietor of the Viridian Chalice, which provides caravan guides to merchants across the Sword Coast, Tenore's real business is serving as a neutral information broker and fixer for the city's underworld.