Common Knowledge

This page represents an overview of core facts about the Forgotten Realms that any serf on the street would know. It will also link to some pages that will be updated with additional information as the player characters uncover it in play.

Basic Geography

  • The Wide World: The average citizen of the Realms is aware that she lives on a world called Toril, and that there are other realities out there inhabited by gods and demons and other strange creatures. Toril has several continents, most notably Faerûn. Our story takes place along the Sword Coast, a region on the northwest coast of Faerûn.
  • The Sword Coast stretches from the frost-ridden Spine of the World mountains in the far north to the borders of the merchant empire of Amn in the south. The Sword Coast is dotted with city-states that have formed a loose coalition known as the Lords’ Alliance to guard against outside threats.
  • Cities: The three biggest cities along the Sword Coast are Baldur’s Gate in the south, Waterdeep in the center, and Neverwinter in the north. There are numerous smaller cities and settlements as well, some independent and others pledged to one of the big three.
  • The wilderness around the cities and towns of the Sword Coast is a dangerous place, inhabited by bandits, savage humanoids like goblins, and other monsters. It’s best to travel the wilds in a well-armed group to ward off trouble.


Countless millions of humans, elves, dwarves, halflings, and other sentient beings call Faerûn home. On the Sword Coast, humans predominate, but there are sizable populations of elves, dwarves and other races.


Faerûn is watched over by many gods, who often come into conflict with one another. People typically pay homage to many different deities in the course of daily life, but they usually pick one or two as personal patrons or exemplars to follow.


The last few centuries have been a tumultuous time for Faerûn. Many members of the longer-lived races still recall the cataclysmic Time of Troubles from 130 years ago, when gods were forced to walk the earth in their mortal forms. Several deities were slain, and a handful of mortals rose to divinity.

Then a century ago, in the Year of Blue Fire, the murder of the goddess Mystra unleashed a new cataclysm called the Spellplague as the rules of magic were undone, warping the very fabric of reality and devastating vast regions of Faerûn. Lingering traces of unstable magic clung to parts of Toril known as the Plaguelands for the next hundred years.

Ten years ago, Mystra was revived and the Spellplague brought to an end. The Realms of Faerûn have enjoyed an uneasy peace in the years since.

Marking Time

The Sword Coast (mostly) follows the Dale Reckoning calendar when keeping time. Each year is divided up into twelve months consisting of three “tendays,” with an extra five days to round out the year. Every year also has a unique name. It is currently 1489 DR, the Year of the Warrior Princess.

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Common Knowledge

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