Below is a summary of missions, tasks and quests the party is currently pursuing, followed by an archive of completed quests.

Chapter Four

  • On to Baldur’s Gate: The party must journey Baldur’s Gate and infiltrate the caravan hauling the cultists’ stolen treasure.
  • The Road to Elturel: The party traveled to Elturel and met with Leosin and the paladin Ontharr Frume.
  • Do You Want to Make an Omelette?: The party decided to leave the dragon eggs with Governor Nighthill, who will ensure they don’t hatch.

Chapter Three

  • Scouring the Caves: The party finished combing through the caves behind the raider camp, driving away kobolds and capturing three dragon eggs.
  • Head of the Half-Dragon: The party slew Langdedrosa Cyanwrath and presented his head to Myrcella in Greenest.
  • Returning to the Camp: The party returned to the abandoned cultist camp and infiltrated the caves, where they found information on the cult’s next move and killed many cultists.
  • Regrouping at Greenest: Beryl, Garrett, and Raeyanne returned to Greenest, regrouped with Hurk and learned what Leosin discovered during his captivity.

Chapter Two

  • Freeing Leosin: After creating a distraction, the adventurers cut Leosin down from the stake and replaced him with a different half-elf, before walking out of the camp.
  • The Camp: Posing as the Blue Boars, he adventurers successfully infiltrated the raider camp, even collecting their pay.
  • Stragglers: The party ambushed and defeated a mercenary group, the Blue Boars, and interrogated them before releasing them.
  • Tracking the Raiders: The party tracked the raiders back to their camp southeast of Greenest.
  • Recovery: The adventurers rested and recovered after their travails of the night before.

Chapter One

  • Half-Dragon Champion: Hurk was defeated by Cyanwrath in single combat, but his actions saved the lives of Myrcella and her children.
  • Dragon Attack: The adventurers jerry-rigged a ballista and used it to successfully drive off the blue dragon before it could kill the people barricaded in the keep.
  • Sanctuary: The adventurers successfully rescued all of the civilians trapped in Greenest’s Temple of Chauntea and escort them back to the keep. Garrett made a new friend.
  • Prisoners: The adventurers captured a human raider dressed in the regalia of the Cult of the Dragon.
  • The Old Tunnel: The adventurers cleared out the old escape tunnel beneath the keep and preserved its secret.
  • Reach the Keep: The adventurers rescued Linan Swift and her family from a band of kobolds and escorted them to the Greenest Keep.
  • Travel to Greenest: The adventurers reached Greenest at sundown on 22 Kythorn, arriving just as the town was coming under attack by raiders and a blue dragon.

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