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The goddess Tiamat has been worshiped since dragons first arrived in the Realms. During the ancient Time of Dragons, great hatred developed between her and Bahamut, who some say is her brother. After the Dragonfall Wars, many dragons turned their backs on the gods, and Tiamat’s power diminished.

Much later, Tiamat worked her way into a pantheon of interloper gods from another world, to cull new worshipers. During the Time of Troubles she betrayed the rest of the pantheon, but was ultimately banished to the Nine Hells.

The self-proclaimed Queen of Dragons has long sought to enthrone the chromatic dragons as absolute rulers of creation, above not only the mortal races but even the other gods themselves. Thus far her ambitions have exceeded her reach, but what are a few setbacks to an immortal goddess?

Tiamat’s unholy symbol bears the five heads of the dragon.

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